Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage relieves muscle pain, speeds athletic recovery, stimulates lymphatic flow and releases toxins. This type of bodywork is a wonderful resource for maintaining optimal ease, comfort and bodily health. Therapeutic Massage loosens tight muscles, allowing the body to become more flexible. Regular sessions can accelerate the healing process, increase range of motion in the joints, reduce the formation of scar tissue, and address swelling, bruising and pain. Each session has a double benefit: it engages the muscles much like a workout does and, at the same time, flushes the system of built-up toxins.


What is a Therapeutic Massage session like?

During a Therapeutic Massage session, the client disrobes to his or her level of comfort after the therapist has left the room. The client then lies down, fully covered by a sheet and blanket, on a treatment table. After the client signals that he or she is ready, the therapist reenters the room to properly drape and support the client. As the therapy session progresses, the only portion of the client which is not draped is the muscle group being worked on at that moment. The pressure and depth of the massage strokes are worked out between client and therapist.


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